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Lip Glosses For Grown Ups

Lip glosses have to be the most nostalgic of all make up items for me. 

As soon as you open one up to a particularly fruity or bubblegum scent, you hear the familiar squelch of the gloss and smack your lips together upon application, I am transported to being a teenager, with a tube always on the go. 

I was particularly partial to one that stuck to everything…my hair, my jumper, my high school defiance to wear make up even when told not too. 

I used to fawn over anything with a sparkle too, anything that looked that it might belong in a 6yr olds party bag was high on the list, and the thicker, sticker and gooier, the better. 

In fact, the feeling of picking one out, applying it to excess and then proceeding to desperately keep it in place is still a challenge I pursue to this day. 

But, thank God, those juicy, sticky, PVC formulas seem to have died out with my ambition to achieve fluro pink hair. And today we are left with an ultimately far more grown up substitute, glosses that feel creamy and delicate, ones that don’t call to our inner 6yr olds and possibly most importantly, actually require very little maintenance. 

Bobbi Brown Lipgloss £22.55
My first pick is from the always dependable Bobbi Brown. Her lip glosses are a staple in my kit in every colour. Silky smooth, deep and rich tones that provide a finishing slick to any look, over lipstick or on their own,its a make up bag staple.

Lisa Eldridge Gloss Embrace £18
Up next is almost brand new from Lisa Eldridge the Gloss Embrace Lip Gloss. With colours ranging from peachy pink all the way to a deep mulberry, there is a shade for daily wear all the way to full on night out. The formula is what lip gloss dreams are made of, buttery soft, sleek and silky, unbelievably comfortable, they leave your lips soft to the touch even when they have worn off.

Fenty Gloss Bomb £19
Another kit favourite I never do a job without is a selection of the Gloss Bombs from Fenty. For a full on high gloss shine nothing compares to the Gloss Bomb, full of shea butter. Light in colour but intense in shine these glosses add a hit of glamour to any make up.

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